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Never wanted tea with Sonia as NAC member: Kejriwal

October 20, 2012 by politicalmirror in Political Mirror

New Delhi, Oct 20 (IANS): India Against Corruption (IAC) leader Arvind Kejriwal Saturday described as “totally false” Congress leader Digvijay Singh’s allegation that he had wanted to join the National Advisory Council, and claimed that all NAC members get to do is drink tea with Sonia Gandhi, the chairperson of the council.

Speaking to reporters following accusations by Singh that Kejriwal had approached him to push his case for joining the NAC, the IAC leader said he “never went” to meet Singh with such a request.

“It’s totally false that I wanted to join the National Advisory Council (NAC)… The people there have no powers, there is no chance to work for social causes. The only thing one gets to do after joining the NAC is to drink a cup of tea with Sonia Gandhi, and I have no interest that,” he said.

Reacting to the Singh’s letter to him, Kejriwal said the letter was “not worthy of a response”.

He added that the letter “shows that Congress is rattled and baffled”.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh Friday attacked Kejriwal terming him a “self-serving, ambitious megalomaniac having a streak of Hitler”.

“Kejriwal had come to me to recommend his name to be made part of the NAC, but Sonia Gandhi probably knew more about him, and she refused,” Singh said.

Singh took a dig at Kejriwal for declining to answer his queries, saying he had expected such a response from the IAC leader.

“I expected this answer.. whenever I have asked questions, they say they don’t want to answer. But when they ask me questions they expect answers.”

The Congress leader accused Kejriwal of using Anna Hazare to gain respectability and said he had parted ways with all his associates, including Aruna Roy and Kiran Bedi.


Source: IANS

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