UPA presidential candidate Pranab Mukherjee seeks TMC support

New Delhi: Pranab Mukherjee presidential candidate of United Progressive Alliance (UPA) today another time appealed to the Trinamool Congress to support his candidature for the country’s top post. Mukherjee, who filed his nomination today for the July 19 presidential election, said he will start his campaign from June 30 and it will continue till July 15.

“I was fortunate, honoured and humbled to be nominated by UPA as the candidate to the 14th presidential election. The UPA nomination was endorsed by a large number of political parties. I seek support of all those, including Trinamool, who have not yet decided (on whom to support),” Mukherjee told reporters after filing his nomination.

He further said the parties that have decided to oppose him have every right to do so in a democracy but those who have not yet made up their minds, should support him to serve the nation.

On the other hand, the Trinamool Congress, a major constituent of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA), has said it will not support Mukherjee’s candidature. However, it has not announced support for the other candidate, P.A. Sangma, who is contesting with support from the BJP, some constituents of the NDA, the Biju Janata Dal and the AIADMK.

Lastly, Mukherjee clarified that it’s the 14th presidential election to elect the 13th president of the country as the first president, Rajendra Prasad was elected twice to the country’s highest office.