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RSS chief asks India to ‘liberate’ Pakistani Kashmir

October 24, 2012 by politicalmirror in Political Mirror

Nagpur: Virtually advocating a war with Pakistan, the RSS Wednesday urged the government to “liberate” parts of Kashmir held by Islamabad to arrest the growth of terrorism.

Addressing the annual Dassehra rally here, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said terrorism was on a comeback trail because of the government’s policies on Jammu and Kashmir over the past decade.

“The areas under Pakistani occupation have to be liberated, discrimination in administrative and developmental matters in the case of Jammu, Leh-Ladakh and Kashmir Valley must end,” he said.

He said Jammu and Kashmir should be brought ‘on par’ with the rest of the country to create conditions to enable Hindus compelled to flee the Kashmir Valley to return with honour.

Focussing on the eastern parts of India, Bhagwat expressed concern over the “progressive depletion” of the “nationalist Hindu population” due to historical processes.

Despite repeated warnings about infiltration and arms, narcotics and counterfeit currency smuggling into Assam and West Bengal, wrong policies have resulted in grave problems in India’s northeast, he said.

The demographic imbalance due to infiltration had rendered the native population into a minority in the northeast, he said, adding the phenomenon was spreading to other parts of India.

“The poisonous brew of separatism and terrorism, growing under the shade of religious conversion on a large scale, again because of weak policies,” he said.

With Chinese interference looming large on the northern borders, terrorist groups like Al Qaeda are also attempting to secure a foothold in the region, Bhawat warned.

He urged the government to weed out infiltrators on an urgent basis from all over India and deport them back to their original countries and prepare a National Register of Citizens for all genuine Indian citizens to stop the alarming trend.

Supporting India’s ‘Look East Policy’, Bhagwat said all countries in the Southeast Asian region shared a common culture and basic values similar to India’s.

“The fact that China has entered the arena as a competitor with full force and preparation… Now, China has befriended Pakistan to such an extent that they have given their nuclear technology to Pakistan.

“The consequences of China surging ahead of us to establish such strategic relationship with our immediate neighbours like Nepal, Myanmar and Sri Lanka should be seen from the angle of our national security.”

Touching on the Ayodhya issue, Bhagwat advocated a parliamentary legislation to pave the way for the construction of a majestic Ram Temple there.

“However, keeping in mind the Allahabad High Court judgement, ensure that any construction for the sake of Muslims shall be allowed only outside the cultural boundaries of Ayodhya,” Bhagwat said.

The RSS chief urged the government to make the living and working conditions better for the armed forces.


Source: IANS

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