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Ramesh to address Jan Satyagraha activists Oct 11

October 9, 2012 by politicalmirror in Political Mirror with 0 Comments

New Delhi: Rural Development Minister Jairam Tuesday indicated that the government was heading towards an agreement with Jan Satyagraha (people’s agitation for truth) activists who have a series of demands including land for the shelterless.

The minister said he would address the Jan Satyagraha in Agra Thursday.

“We are having a constructive view of the demands raised by Ekta Parishad and we have discussed a lot over it. I’m happy that we are heading towards an agreement,” Ramesh said following a second round of talks with the activists.

Sharad Chandra Behar, an activist of Jan Satyagraha, said details were being worked out and hoped good things would happen.

The Jan Satyagraha Yatra, which started from Gwalior Oct 2, intends to reach Delhi Oct 28 if no agreement is reached with the government.

The activists’ main demands include a guarantee of “home state land” for the shelterless, agricultural land for the poor, a land reforms policy and fast-track courts to try land cases.

Activists said nearly 35,000 people had started Oct 2 from Gwalior and were now close to Agra.

Ramesh had earlier this month gone to Gwalior along with Minister of State for Industry and Commerce Jyotiraditya Scindia to talk to the activists.



Source: IANS


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