Prime Minister of India approves MoU between India, United Kingdom on energy sector

NEW DELHI (INDIA): The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has given its ex-post facto approval for signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on cooperation in the energy sector. The areas of cooperation include the following:

(i) Market reforms, regulatory structures and the role of competition in the supply and distribution of electricity, including regulations and incentives for Renewable Energy deployment;

(ii) The integration of renewable energy into the grid;

(iii) Energy efficiency policies and practice, including industrial energy efficiency and vehicular fuel efficiency ;

(iv) Off-shore wind energy and solar energy;

(v) Smart grids;

(vi) Energy storage and new energy technologies;

(vii) Capacity building of renewable energy institutions;

(viii) Off-grid renewable energy services ;

(ix) Tidal energy;

(x) Any other area of co-operation approved in writing by the Participants.

The MoU will provide an enabling framework for technical assistance, including in-kind grant, and other support, as mutually agreed, through relevant projects initiated by the United Kingdom. Project specific agreements may also be developed, from time-to-time.

The focus will be the electricity market structure and the integration of renewable energy into the grid. The programme would work at both central and state levels to improve energy security and reliability of supply, improve energy access and facilitate sustainable economic growth.