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Kejriwal & group tries to placate Bedi

August 31, 2012 by politicalmirror in Political Mirror with 0 Comments

New Delhi: Activist Arvind Kejriwal today reached out to placate erstwhile Team Anna member Kiran Bedi, who was distancing from them on targeting BJP, an issue which remained unresolved even after the meeting.

Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia, Kumar Vishwas and Sanjay Singh went to Bedi’s residence this evening and held discussions for over an hour to explain their position.

Bedi had distanced herself from erstwhile Team Anna and it became public last Sunday when she skipped the protest against corruption. She is of the view that the party in power — Congress — should be targeted while Kejriwal and others have targeted both Congress and BJP.

“Certain matters have got some clarity. While few other issues remain. I will be meeting Anna in middle of next month. By that time, Anna would have come back from the retreat,” Bedi told PTI.

Though she did not specify the details of the discussions, she said that “they had due clarifications on certain matters. However, more needs to be ascertained which is why I will go to meet Anna in few days from now.”

Sources said the core issue of targeting BJP was not resolved as Bedi maintained that the focus should be on the party in power and the strategy should vary according to the situation.

This is the first time that Bedi is having a meeting with erstwhile Team Anna members after August 12 when she attended the protest by yoga guru Ramdev.

During the meeting, sources said, Kejriwal and others, who have decided to take a political plunge, explained their position and emphasised the need for a united face to fight corruption.

They are understood to have explained to her the way the anti-corruption movement will progress though some of them will take the political path.
Source: PTI

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