Gurmehar Kaur should stop endorsing herself as Kargil martyr’s daughter

Gurmehar Kaur, the Delhi University student and the daughter of a soldier who was killed in 1999, who slammed ABVP and leftist media was propelling her as the daughter of Martyr, went viral.

The picture exposed her to the core, In the picture she was holding a placard and the message was Pakistan Didn’t kill my father, War killed him.

Here is Mitsu Chavda andAngana views (Student) about Kaur’s recent remarks.

#Respect #Martyrdom

Ms. KAUR should stop endorsing herself as KARGIL MARTYRS DAUGHTER. (Kargil war and soldiers have nothing to do with support to ABVP or not)

Suddenly the mainstream media has found it worthy to tell us what relatives of martyrs have to say over ABVP vs the Leftists issue at the Delhi University.

I’m NOT a supporter of ABVP. I DON’T support the Leftists too.

I can express my views because “free speech” exists in India. The same free speech, for which the media is supposedly fighting.

Ms Kaur claims herself to be Soldier of Peace. She has been doing this placard stuff since long, only this time she got lucky and managed to strike the right chord. Earlier this year another video of her was out saying, “It was not the Pakistanis who killed her dad but it was the war.”

So what Ms Kaur is trying to mean is it was not Hitler who killed Jews, it was just a stupid war. Or it was not the US who dropped the atom bombs on Japan, it was a freaking War. * Lagg gaye Logics ke 😐 *

I do not hail from a defence background and I’m not writing this to flaunt whose daughter I am or how patriotic and nationalistic I am. Nowadays, it’s more like a trend. Let it be any issue, if you bring ‘SOLDIER’ word in your point. The issue is over. Many of you must have watched the AIB’s video – “Soldier hogya bass”. And it’s true. But I’m writing since we are still enjoying the FREEDOM OF SPEECH and before people make this patriotism or nationalism a gaali, it’s important to speak.

Now coming back to Ms Kaur placard drama. She stands against the ABVP, and the media found the perfect alibi in her. India is a DEMOCRACY where people are allowed to express their views not Islamic republic of Pakistan which kills its president after every few years. So Ms Kaur has the rights to express her views. She can choose to indulge in whatever activism she thinks is right. Let her be a hero, no problem. But why to use her Father’s martyrdom as a ladder. Why do Ms Kaur is using her ‘daughter of a Kargil martyr’ tag to blossom her political/activism career. Her political bias is quite visible and she is not too shy to express it.

A few years earlier mother of Capt. Vikram Batra (Kargil Veteran) wrote all sorts of open letters to then PM candidate Narendra Modi expressing displeasure at him. My point is why the relatives are misusing the privileges vouchsafed on them to honour the supreme sacrifices of their family members and pursuing their own agenda.

Pictures emerging on Twitter suggest that AISA members were involved in assaulting female members of ABVP but it seems Ms Kaur sees everything green in red. I have a quarrel with the media, which is so selective and biased and which creates these fault lines. One thing I am sure is that none of the Veteran or any defence personnel would have never supported those who say “bharat ki barbaadi tak, jung rahegi, jung rahegi”. Ms Kaur finds herself as a soldier of peace. “Bharat tere tukde honge” is not something that sounds like upholding the unity and integrity of India to me. If she believes so, then again * Lagg gaye Logics ke 😐 *

I won’t say ABVP is justified. Not even the left leaning AISA. These are the student body councils. Not for imposing their ideology on others. ‘Vidyarthi Parishad shouldn’t be Vandalism Parishad or ‘Students Association’ shouldn’t be Smashing Association.

People, the media, the so called activists need to understand one thing.
It’s not a political fight anymore, it’s the fight of ideology. It’s not a petty fight of BJP, Congress or AAP.
It’s us vs them.