Beni defends Khurshid, says Rs 71 lakh too small for Ministers

New Delhi: Seeking to defend his colleague, Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma today put his foot in his mouth saying a man like Salman Khurshid will not do any wrong for Rs 71 lakh, which is a “very samll amount” for a Central Minister.

“Salman Khursid is a responsible person. He is a Central Minister. He was a Central Minister earlier as well. When he is saying there is no scam, he should be believed… I don’t think a person like Khurshid will do anything for an amount like Rs 71 lakh. It is a very small amount for a Central Minister,” he told reporters here.

Verma was commenting on the alleged misappropriation of funds by a trust run by Khurshid and his wife. In a press conference yesterday, Khurshid had rejected the allegation and had offered himself to any probe.

“If it would have been Rs 71 crore, even I would have been serious,” Verma said adding Khurshid should not resign from his current position. Verma trained his guns on activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal who has been demanding the resignation of Khurshid on the issue.

“Kejriwal is going to launch a party. I have all the best wishes for him. India has a multi-party system and one more will come. It’s good. But, I have a piece of advice for him: Don’t bark day in day out, try sometimes to roar like a tiger. Those who always bark are of no value,” Verma said.

Source: PTI