Air India improves market share with 80 percent seat capacity

New Delhi: Air India Thursday said it has improved its market share, filling nearly 80 percent of all its flights last month because of a frequent flier scheme, holiday packages and tie-ups with credit cards firms and corporates.

“Air India has improved its seat factor and market share in the lean month of March with average seat factor of 80 percent,” the flag carrier said in a statement.

It said flights to Srinagar, Jammu, Bagdogra, Cochin, Goa and Udaipur were operating to full capacity in the extended weekend starting Thurdsay.

“On International routes, the occupancy has increased and the flights to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and the Gulf are full.”

The airline said it has improved its on time performance (OTP) with 95 percent flights from the national capital operating on schedule.

“Air India is keeping its all time highest percentage of more than 88 percent on time departures from Delhi since last one month when on March 8, 2012 it had OTP of 100 percent.”

One thought on “Air India improves market share with 80 percent seat capacity

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