Advani lauds Gadkari but says no immunity for party on graft

New Delhi: Senior leader L K Advani today lauded party President Nitin Gadkari’s offer to face an inquiry into allegations of dubious funding of his companies and emphasised that BJP should be different and not claim immunity on either scale or nature of the allegations.

“Nitinji has come clean by asking for an inquiry by the Department of Company Affairs. It is a fair and proper response…..This shows the difference in the BJP’s attitude. I congratulate Nitinji for voluntarily asking for an inquiry,” he said.

His statement comes in the context of media reports questioning the alleged dubious funding and other issues involving his company Purti Power and Sugar.

Advani said the allegations against Gadkari were about “standards of business and not misuse of power or corruption”.”But I am of the view that the BJP should be different and should not claim immunity on either scale or nature of the allegations,” he said.

Advani’s statement assumes significance in the context of continuing media reports of the way his companies were being run and a shadow cast on a second term for him as party president.

BJP MP Ram Jethmalani has demanded that Gadkari should quit the post and not not seek a second term in office in the interest of the party.

Accusing the Government of trying to neutralise the “unprecedented” corruption charges against it by targeting Gadkari, Advani hoped there will be an impartial probe into the matter.

“I hope that the government inquiry will be fair and the government will not use its political hostility to the BJP to colour the inquiry,” he said.


Source: PTI